Getting Started with Soft Staging: 10 Must-Have Items

Aspiring to start a home staging business? Learn the art of soft staging, a key service that can set you apart in the market. Ideal for homes still occupied by sellers, soft staging refreshes a space, making it more appealing to potential buyers. This post covers the top ten items essential for effectively staging a listing, helping you create a welcoming environment that buyers can easily envision as their own. Discover these must-have tools to enhance your staging skills and grow your business.

White Hand and Body Towels

Investing in white hand and body towels for bathrooms, especially the powder room and primary bedroom, adds a touch of luxury and hotel-like vibes.   White, folded towels create a spa-like atmosphere, making potential buyers feel like their bathrooms are retreats.  These Target Hand and Body Towels are long lasting, thick and look great in a bathroom.

Greenery and Filler for Bathrooms and Kitchens

Bring life into bathrooms and kitchens with greenery. Potted plants or small arrangements can add a refreshing and inviting element to rooms, especially kitchens.  Greenery photographs really well in listing photos and gives the appearance of a clean space. Check out these Target plants and we love these fillers from Amazon.

Artwork and Mirrors

Consider hanging or leaning artwork and mirrors above mantles, sofas, entryways above a console table, and primary bedrooms above a dresser. Mirrors give the impression of a larger space.  Artwork with color and texture adds visual interest and warmth to a room.  The mirrors we used for this install are available at Target. We are also loving this artwork from Threshold.

A Pair of Table Lamps

Ambient light is a soft way to showcase the interior of a home.  This is especially important if there are evening showings.  Use a pair of table lamps that are at least 25” H on end tables in a family room or nightstands in a primary bedroom.  Check out our favorite table and floor lamps here.

White Bedding Set for the Primary Bedroom

Create a luxurious and inviting atmosphere in the primary bedroom with white bedding. Include euros, a comforter, shams, accent pillows, and a throw blanket for a cohesive and sophisticated look. Here’s a white bedding set we love.

Hardback Books

Accessorize end tables, offices, built-ins, and nightstands with hardback books. These can be sourced affordably from half-priced bookstores or Goodwill.  We suggest removing the covers and using white, gray, navy, sage, or charcoal spines as a decorative element.

Cookbooks and Coffee Table Books

Incorporate cookbooks into your kitchen on a counter, floating shelf, or on a stand.  Coffee table books can be used on a coffee table, dresser, console table, or desk. Our most loved coffee table books are a click away!

Vases and Decor

Accessorize tables with vases and other decorative elements to add visual interest and warmth to a room.  Choose items that complement the overall style of the home and serve as focal points for potential buyers.  We often use vases in a setting of three – high, medium, and low- on a coffee table, console table, or dresser.  We use vases, candles, or plants on a nightstand paired with some books.

Low Bowls for Kitchen Tables or Islands

Add interest to kitchen tables or islands with low bowls filled with decorative fillers like moss, artichokes, avocados, green apples, limes, and lemons. This simple addition can make the kitchen feel more inviting and well-curated.

Pillows and Throws for Sofas

Complete the soft staging look with pillows and throws on sofas, sectionals, and chairs in family and sitting rooms.  We suggest using cream, charcoal, or leather pillows. Check out our favorites here.

For those venturing into the home staging business, soft staging offers a straightforward yet impactful approach to enhance properties for sale. By integrating these recommended items into your staging toolkit, you can transform any space into an inviting and attractive setting. This not only appeals to potential buyers but also aids in selling properties swiftly and at a higher value. Embrace these essentials to elevate your staging skills and succeed in the competitive real estate market.

Ready to get started? Find everything you need to build your own soft staging toolkit here and here